Testing and trial run / Testing of a hydraulic motor and propeller

Testing of a hydraulic motor and -propeller

In a hydraulic test device, one to three motors can be tested at the same time. The hydraulic motor is attached to the test bench, flushing, test drive, measurement, brake test, reporting and engine release.

Device features:

max. output | 700 L/min

max. pressure | 420 bar

motors power | 2x132 kW + 1x55 kW

max. load torque | 5 400 - 47 200 Nm

The rotor test bench is designed to simulate rotating loads in harvester use. The test bench is structurally designed for continuous unmanned use.

Device features:

Pulse load | 2 250 kN

Weight plates | 9 x 520 kg

Hydraulic:55 kW | 0-100 L/min | 350 bar

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