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Increased quality ­through product testing

We design, build, deliver and commission automatic and manual testing equipment for mechanic, hydraulic and electronic systems.

Benefits of automated testing equipment

Automation enables a testing process that’s seamless from start to finish. It ensures that the right test program is created for the right device in every test. The test equipment automatically connects the device to be tested correctly to the test fixture and performs the test. Finally, the testing software creates a product test report.

Some of the equipment we have manufactured is currently being used by the AGCO Group in the final testing of powertrain components and new tractors, for example. The testing equipment we provide is also being used to measure the airtightness of windows in buildings.

Ensures product quality even before market entry

This helps to avoid possible problems and customer complaints afterwards.


Maintains high product quality throughout the life cycle

Reduces complaints, increases perceived quality and ensures product safety and a long life cycle.

Ensures set quality requirements and safety standards

Testing ensures that the device works as intended and is safe to use.

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What is product testing?

Product testing is an important part of the industrial manufacturing process. It ensures product quality and safety even before they are introduced to the market. Testing should be carried out throughout production to ensure the quality of the product.

With the help of testing, the desired quality can be maintained throughout the life cycle of the product, so that it does not vary or cause complaints. The purpose of product testing is to ensure that the product meets the set quality requirements and safety standards and also works as intended.

ST5 testauspenkki yksityiskohta

Why are products tested?

Product testing can be used to detect possible flaws and defects in the product before it is released, which helps with the prevention of possible problems and customer complaints. This improves the image and perceived quality of the product and increases trust in the product among customers.

Product testing may include various tests:

  • -Performance tests assess the performance and functioning of products.
  • -Quality tests evaluate product quality, durability and materials.
  • -Safety tests, on the other hand, assess the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of products.
  • Environmental tests assess the environmental friendliness and sustainability of a product.

The safety of our products is guaranteed by the CE marking.

ST5 testauspenkki

Why should I use automated testing?

Product testing can be performed either manually or with automated testing equipment. The use of automated testing equipment makes product testing more efficient and reliable, enabling a larger number of tests to be conducted in the same timeframe. Automated testing equipment can also be used to store and analyse data, contributing to enhanced product performance, mitigation of potential issues and further product development. Automated testing enables a dynamically implemented test program for each product.

In summary, product testing is an important part of the manufacturing process for the user. It ensures the appropriate quality, safety and functioning of products prior to their delivery to customers. Product testing can also be used to detect possible flaws and defects in a product before it is released.


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