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Give your ­business a boost with design as a service

We provide engineering design as a service. As customised as you need. As an industrial designer with a versatile skill set, our services provide you with a valuable combination of expertise and additional workforce to support your project. We can provide equipment and assembly deliveries on a turnkey basis, if you so wish. By entrusting equipment design to us, you can allocate more time to running your core business.

Custom design as a service and strength calculations

How could you use engineering design as a service to benefit your business? Do you need an expert in a specific area or just more planning power?  Maybe you just want to focus on your own business and outsource any design tasks to an expert. In that case, a designer from Lakome could be the right solution for improving your efficiency.

We offer design as a service and strength calculations as a service. Using our service is particularly beneficial in the following scenarios:

You require special design skills

Special skills and special environments as well as strength calculations require specific expertise and particular consideration.

You need to increase your design capacity

Increasing your design capacity for a specific project can be more convenient than hiring a new designer.

You want to­ focus on your core business

By using a design as a service, you can focus on essential tasks while entrusting the design responsibilities to a reliable professional.

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What is design as a service?

As an industrial design service provider, we design equipment in need of development according to the customer’s wishes. We carry out the design of the agreed area. If necessary, we also provide equipment and assembly deliveries on a turnkey basis.

By entrusting your equipment design to us, the customer can allocate more time to running their core business activities. This makes the customer’s procurement process more efficient, since responsible design, equipment assembly and commissioning testing are handled by the contract partner, Lakome Oy.

We apply for any necessary certificates, such as the CE marking, for the equipment we deliver. This ensures that the equipment is safe and also increases the occupational safety of the customer’s processes. The equipment is guaranteed to comply with regulations and be efficient and safe.

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What is equipment design?

Equipment design refers to the process of designing devices or entire systems that meet desired functional requirements and performance targets. Equipment design can cover many different types of equipment, such as machines, electrical systems, computers, structures and other technical systems.

Equipment design usually involves several stages, including pre-design, design proper, prototyping and testing, and finally manufacturing and commissioning of the device or system. Our design software of choice is SolidWorks.

The goal of equipment design is to produce equipment and devices that are functionally efficient and enhance the efficiency of the customer’s processes. The equipment is cost-effective, saving the customer both time and money. They are also safe and have a long service life. Furthermore, high-quality equipment design takes environmental aspects into consideration as well. Industrial equipment design plays a crucial role in ensuring that industrial facilities operate efficiently, safely and reliably.



In brief

Industrial equipment engineers design equipment and systems that align with industry needs and requirements. Their focus is on enhancing process efficiency, productivity and quality. Industrial equipment design also helps to ensure that equipment complies with safety and environmental standards, which is particularly important in the context of industrial plant operations.

Equipment engineers are able to develop new technologies and innovations that improve the efficiency and sustainability of production processes. Industrial equipment design is essential for the advancement of modern industrial plants and processes, playing a pivotal role in driving economic growth and facilitating sustainable development.


Valtra partnership
– improvements in efficiency and occupational safety

For a decade, Valtra and Lakome have been collaborating on continuously improving Valtra’s production efficiency.

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