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Lakome is industrial equipment supplier. We boost our customers’ production efficiency by providing them with high-quality and innovative industrial production equipment, testing automation, design services and individual tools. Our production facilities are logistically well located in the heart of Finland.

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What makes us the top choice for our customers?

As an industrial equipment supplier, our work is based on the principles of reliability, innovation and flexibility. We have been successfully running our business for over twenty years. As our customer, you’ll not only receive exceptional products but also friendly customer service as part of the package.

Power up your production and productivity

We provide you with industrial production equipment services from design to commissioning.

Quality and precision for the production line

We specialise in collaborative robots and automated testing. These can be used to increase production efficiency and occupational safety.

Clarity amidst bureaucracy

The assemblies we deliver always have the certificates required and necessitated by the authorities – including those required for spaces with explosive materials.

Discover our top products

We have specialised in industrial equipment suppling and providing productivity development services tailored specifically for the manufacturing industry. Below you can have a look at our current best-sellers. Could we use them to boost your production as well?

Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots, also known as cobots, a excellent additions to both entire production lines and individual production cells. We only use top-of-the-line products from leading manufacturers of collaborative robots.

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Assembly and welding equipment

Over the years, we have successfully supplied assembly and welding equipment to prominent European machine and equipment manufacturers. Our versatile equipment is used for a range of applications, including tractor assembly and the welding, equipping and assembling of bus body structures.

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Product testing

We manufacture product testing equipment and test automation solutions for industrial requirements. Our advanced automated testing equipment is used in the automotive industry, construction industry and ATEX facilities to ensure product quality and eliminate manufacturing defects.


Design as a Service

As an industrial DaaS provider, we offer you a valuable combination of expertise and additional workforce to support your project. We can provide equipment and assembly deliveries on a turnkey basis, if you so wish. By entrusting equipment design to us, you can allocate more time to running your core business.

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Valtra partnership
– improvements in efficiency and occupational safety

For a decade, Valtra and Lakome have been collaborating on continuously improving Valtra’s production efficiency.

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